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As a coach, I take on a holistic, liberatory, and creative approach to healing and wellness. I offer support in the following areas:

  • Creative Re(dis)covery (Creativity Coaching) - For individuals struggling with fear, limiting beliefs, and "imposter syndrome," causing a loss of connection to creative spark and/or identity. This offering revives your creative confidence and aspirations in ways that open you to play, pleasure, and possibility.

  • Creative Wellness (Holistic Coaching) - For individuals/artists who desire a healing approach more aligned with their values and interests. I utilize therapeutic art-making to help you create a life of wholeness, health, and abundance. This trauma-informed offering allows you to cultivate creative possibility while honing in on creative processes and rituals that support healing and liberation in your daily life.

  • Creative Vision + Entrepreneurship (Career/Life Purpose Coaching) - For artists and aspiring art-preneurs working on a specific creative project, or business plan. I support you with a spectrum of organizational skills to collaborate and equip you with strategies that empower your vision and bring you from dreaming to manifesting. 

  • Spiritual Mentorship - For all those seeking guidance that supports with spiritual connection, clarity, and alignment. This offering includes a mixed-divination (tarot, oracle, cartomancy, bibliomancy, cantomancy, etc.) reading followed up with reflective prompts, creative rituals, and aftercare that aid in integration and personal elevation.  


Coaching offerings include a monthly, 1-hour virtual session AND access to exclusive Patreon content and creative wellness resources.


If interested, please complete this interest form

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