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What do I offer?

  • A monthly creative wellness newsletter - This monthly newsletter is intended to provide thoughtful inspiration and prompts for fostering a creative wellness practice throughout the month. While each newsletter will be unique, they will always provide:

    • Creative inspiration and guidance for the month via tarot, poetry and more!

    • Prompts for journaling and getting your creative juices flowing!

    • Updates about what to look forward to in the Patreon portal.

  • Creative wellness workshops - Cultivating our creative practice takes time and intention. I want to offer spaces for folks to not only be creative, but to build a better relationship with their own creative process and practice. Workshops will cover a wide range of artistic expressions and ways to utilize creativity to support our wellness practices.

  • Creative community spaces - Community is essential to wellness and to thriving in life! I desire for this Patreon to be a space where folks can find deeper connection, both with themselves and others they align with. 

  • 1:1 Coaching/Consultation - As a lifetime artist, longtime facilitator, arts administrator and organizer, I want to offer my skills to support creative individuals with nurturing their creative passions and/or careers.


Why become a patron?

  • To reclaim your creativity and cultivate your creative practice!

  • To nurture your self/community-care rituals!

  • To connect with and expand your creative community!

  • To support an artist (me) whose work you believe in!


Your patronage also makes it possible for me to:

  • Afford living expenses and basic needs

  • Sustain a full-time independent artist practice 

  • Offer free and/or affordable services to Black QTGNC individuals and communities

  • Allocate funds towards artist collaborations, resources and materials

  • Sustain grassroots, community healing work

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